Hedy Lamar

Viennese-born Hedy Lamarr (1914–2000), billed as “the world’s most beautiful woman,” first became known for her controversial, taboo-breaking role in the Austrian film Ecstasy (1933), in which the young actress appeared nude, practically unheard of at the time. Lamarr left Europe for the United States several years later and made her American film debut in Algiers in 1938. With her alluring dark hair and ability to exude exoticism, Lamarr was continually typecast as the mysterious, desirable woman in many of her roles. After the success of Algiers, Lamarr starred in her first film under contract with MGM in Lady of the Tropics (1939).

Necklace Worn by Hedy Lamarr in Lady of the Tropics (1939)
Joseff of Hollywood
metal, glass, faux pearls