This necklace was later worn by Alice Faye in That Night in Rio (1941), Tallulah Bankhead in A Royal Scandal (1945), and Linda Darnell in Forever Amber (1947).

Ona Munson

The Shanghai Gesture

Now considered a cult favorite, The Shanghai Gesture (1941) was director Josef von Sternberg’s last major film of his career. The eccentric director, famous for his films starring Marlene Dietrich, adapted the controversial 1926 play by John Colton for the silver screen. The film was made after Hollywood began censoring the content of its films. Colton’s play was high on the list of scripts too risqué for the movies. The edited script was submitted by various parties and rejected by censors thirty times over the years.

In the tamer film version, Poppy, played by the beautiful Gene Tierney (1920–91), wore a number of gorgeous gowns, which were selected by her fashion designer husband Oleg Cassini. Ona Munson (1903–55), best known for her role as Belle Watling in Gone with the Wind, played the wicked role of Mother Gin Sling. 

Over-sized necklace
Worn by Ona Munson in The Shanghai Gesture (1941)
Joseff of Hollywood
metal, glass